One Video Converter To Rule Them All [Windows Gyan]

A normal geek’s video toolkit consist of a MP4 to AVI converter, an AVI to DVD converter, an MP4 to flash converter, then another, then another and so on.

In today's Windows Gyan, we show you how to have a single program that will satisfy all your Video and Audio conversion needs.

Today, we introduce you to Quick Media Converter (QMC).

First let's check what all features are expected from such an application and whether QMC meets them:

  1. Does what it actually claims to do - check
  2. Freeware - check
  3. Noob friendly - check
  4. Advanced menus for advanced users - check
  5. Sexy user interface - check
  6. Usability  - check
  7. Installable by non-administrative users - check

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