Dear Quick Media Converter Users,

Maintaining and developing our freeware is costly and time consuming process .

If you happen to like this free software and think we deserve encouragement to help us continue, a small  donation would be greatly appreciated  and certainly more than welcome by us.

While still far less costly than what you would have to pay for what other similar software would ask for such a product,  it would not only allow us to proceed with future improvements and bring you more
features but  also it will help us keep Quick Media Converter as a  freeware.

If you think what is above is fair and we deserve this little push,  thank you all for donating (no obligation whatsoever) you can do so by just clicking on one of the Paypal buttons below.

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Would you like to Help Quick Media Converter grow ?

It is very easy to help us... Find out how and get the tools.

First of all thank you all for using our freeware Quick Media Converter and for making it what it is today.

You may or may not know , but so far only two of us ( Gilles the QMC developper and myself Jean Louis doing most of the rest ) .

The two of us have been developping  & referencing this software, maintaining the website , the forum and all the other aspects that have finally brought it to your knowledge, bringing you this freeware is not only a costly  task,  but it is a very long and tedious one .

We have both invested a great deal of our free personal spare time and at the expense of our private lives.

chart 128x128As increasing success comes, even though  it feels really great to see that  we hit our main target and managed to make conversions simple and accessible to all with  the Quick Media Converter ( we thank you all very much for it), There is however a drawback resulting from that success,  as it globally requires even more time  and money  in order to keep on bringing you the best ,  some  nasty languages may think that our sponsors would provide us largely enough money to cover it all , but to make the record straight once and for all, commercial sponsors hardly pay enough to get  a couple of beers a day,  a lot of webmasters reading these lines are probably dying to agree with us and confirm it :) .




alarm 128x128

So far and since Planet Earth and our beloved Sun appeared in our Universe, days have unfortunately had only 24 hours,   therefore the crual reality is that in order to maintain Quick Media Converter as a freeware, we need to somehow involve our users in our  project, provided they  would be willing to participate and help on a volunteer basis. 
  Gilles and I during our last brainstorming process, came up with a few ideas that would not take much of your time and could very well give us a lot more time to concentrate our efforts into bringing better and more new neat stuff we have currently baking in the oven.



Below is a list of what and how you could do to help us : 

1.Translation volunteers for the Quick Media Converter and why not the website content

From our statistics , it clearly shows that our software is reaching the whole world,  unfortunately even though we speak a few languages, we are not good enough to use the proper terms or mucjh less  writing properly in most cases .

A lot of people do not understand  english and  french.  So we decided to provide our other foreign users with international languages. 

After posting this request on the forum we had some nice guys that volunteered to translate in their native language.
In return of the translations of QMC, we offer to include the translator's name and website (or blog) link on the application interface (when displayed in their language).

2. Participate actively by talking about us and spreading the word

users 128x128 Friends 

Chat  Websites

Social bookmarking
Forums private and public
Mouth to ear 
Emails to your friends or lists

News letters
News groups 
Websites links 


Make Nice Video demos 

in your native languagevideo 128x128 and post them on you tube , if we do not have them there is a great chance we will post them here :
Make sure they are not posted yet,  then make the tutorial as good as possible then send us the original and we will give you full credit for it as well as the link to your youtube channel or other video website .

Any other ideas that may come to your mind


3.Become an active  moderator on our Forums expert mode section or other

user 128x128

Most of you may know we have a support forum but we do not support the expert mode because we do  not have the time ,  if you feel you know video conversion very well as well as our software and your are interested in helping others in your own language (French or English for the moment) just pm "Team Cocoon" and ask. We will be very glad to answer you. Forum Link