How to upload a profile in Quick Media Converter

Here users can be sharing their saved profiles with others and this way contribute to the spirit of the freesoftware community.
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How to upload a profile in Quick Media Converter

Postby Team Cocoon » 27 Feb 2009, 14:37

Hello ,

By default the profiles directory in Quick Media Converter is located in the /Quick Media Converter directory under the subdirectory /profils as you can see in the image below.


If you downloaded another user's profile that you need , just copy it in that directory then start your application and load it from there .

At this point you will be able to make fine tuning for yourself , in such event do not forget to save your profile once you think you have the correct ones and reuse it for as long as you want .
To see how to use profiles and how they work thank you for reading this.

Thats all .

Enjoy and keep the sharing spirit up
Team Cocoon
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