Outputing to DivX and mp3 AVI

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Outputing to DivX and mp3 AVI

Postby fwupow » 24 Oct 2009, 09:34

Here is my simple profile to create an *.avi file that will play on stand alone DivX players.

This will help you avoid the common pitfalls which plague the uninitiated.

Feel free to change bit-rates and sizing. I usually try to roughly match the bit-rates and sample rate of source file if it's a WMV.

You need to select mpeg4 as the codec and not "DivX" or "Xvid".
The "-vtag DIVX" in the command line will instruct the ffmpeg video processor to create a DivX compatible file.

Make sure to select mp3 as audio codec. The libmp3lame codec doesn't yet work (at least not on my system). I don't think it was included in the Windows build of ffmpeg included with QMC.

Also make sure to use "44100" and not "44000" as your mp3 freq. rate or the conversion will fail.
My DivX.xml
output to DivX and mp3 in AVI file
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Re: Outputing to DivX and mp3 AVI

Postby Cocoon-Dev » 24 Oct 2009, 10:44


thank you very much.

thx for donating
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Re: Outputing to DivX and mp3 AVI

Postby fwupow » 24 Oct 2009, 20:37

Here is another profile which will change a 4:3 aspect ratio file to 16:9 by padding each side with black bars.

If you use a stand-alone DivX player, you'll find it a real nuisance to keep having to go into your TV or Player menu settings to change the Display Aspect Ratio because the file your playing has a different aspect ratio from what your TV / Player is set to.

Using this profile will enable you to leave your TV / Player set to 16:9 and the 4:3 videos will display correctly (not stretched out).

The actual final resolution of the file is Standard Def DVD 720x480, including the 90 pixels of padding on each side.

You'll want to up the video bitrate into the 1200 to 1800 range for DVD movies, or to suit your taste
DivX__4-3 to 16-9__2pass.xml
Adds padding/letterboxing to convert 4:3 aspect ratio to 16:9
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