Can you add the FRAPS codec?

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Can you add the FRAPS codec?

Postby organikeith » 23 Apr 2009, 20:00

Hi, I am a gamer and would like to convert my FRAPS videos (recorded from live video games) and convert them. But every time I try, your software crashes. I am guessing this could be that you don't have the FRAPS codec programed in.
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Re: Can you add the FRAPS codec?

Postby Team Cocoon » 17 May 2009, 23:53

No the fraps codec is not supported in this version nor can be added , in a few days we will release a new version ( ready) but Gilles my partner and developper is currently in hospital for a few more days, so release may come at the end of this coming week and it good news it should support fraps codec.

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