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RE: ERRORS Installing Vista QMC365

Posted: 31 Aug 2008, 02:53
by bleuoxx
I amI

I am using Windows Vista. Anything I try to do always says error. Does this program really work?


Posted: 31 Aug 2008, 03:57
by Team Cocoon
Yes it does work fine in vista , check out our search tool and before you can read this :

You must have administrative rights to install QMC in Vista.

Please read this topic and follow the links in it to be able to install properly in Vista :

I hope this answers your question .

Have a good day, do not hesitate to contact us if you still do not succeed.

Re: RE: ERRORS Installing Vista

Posted: 31 Aug 2008, 12:41
by Team Cocoon
Another possibility could be that you are trying to convert protected files or files using codecs that are not supported look for QCELP if you are trying to convert from some US market mobile phones...

Have a good day