Reducing Video File Size

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Reducing Video File Size

Postby leeous » 03 Feb 2009, 09:32


I am using the expert mode to convert avi and mpg files around 300-400mb in size to 50-70mb avi xvid files 570 x 576.

I want to reduce the file size further by reducing the frame size width but when I do this it doesn't reduce the file size any further than the original conversion, ideally I want to get all file sizes down to 50mb and below for ease of download.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Re: Reducing Video File Size

Postby Team Cocoon » 03 Feb 2009, 15:21

Hello and welcome ,

First of all do not expect any big miracle as the files you have are already compressed in Xvid.

To reduce file size you usually have to make some choices and some sacrifices too , here are some basic ( 2-3 ) options you may try ...

1) Reduce video bitrate => lesser quality and pixellisation of the picture.
2) Reduce video size W & H then you get a smaller video size and decrease the weight
3) reduce audio quality.

It all depends , on what you wish to do with your video , if it is to place it on the web may we a picture size of 320x240 (4/3) and a video bitrate of between 1000 and 2000.
Audio quality if mp3 frequency should be somewhere around 48000 or below but then you would loose a lot of quality, two channels for audio to keep the stereo and bitrate 128k or less .

You can play around those by using the default profiles we have placed by default in 365

Choose preferably a smaller file size to make your tests ...

I hope this partly answers your question .

Have a good day
Team Cocoon
thx for donating

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