Quick Media Converter V3.6.0 Profiles

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Quick Media Converter V3.6.0 Profiles

Postby Team Cocoon » 19 Nov 2008, 16:09

Quick Media Converter 3.6.5 contains its own default profiles directly when installing , what is below is only for those who have the previous version 3.6.0
Hello an good news for all :

Quick Media Converter now includes a Profiles saving and loading feature :

Its folder is located in the installation directory of the QMC here by default :
C:\Program Files\QuickMediaConverter\Profil

Just change the drive letter or path if you installed it differently.

Basic Profiles
We will post here basic profiles for those willing to play trial and error as a starting base for tests.

We have placed on our website an explanation on how to use profiles.

We have also placed someprofiles on our main websiteto get you started :

We encourage all of you to start from it to learn how to use the Expert Mode.
here is an example to do flv conversion :

Increasing or decreasing video bitrate will affect video output quality (pixel) and size (weight in kbtes)
Increasind decreasing x and y video aspect will affect size ( dimensions) and quality
same for audio moving one setting may affect the others.

Should you encounter sync problems activate two pass mode in video options and activateaudio sync in audio options

The below settings are not necessarily adapted to all , but they should give you a good hint on what to do and allow you to test ( try with short files first to save time).

For those more proficient in this field we encourage you too to post your profile *.xml files and explain what they do to the other users . Even better if you can explain why you do it that way.
Convert to FLV basic settings 320x240 VBR 2500 4/3 MP3 Audio 2 channel BR128 FR 22050
(1.03 KiB) Downloaded 174 times

Download the file and place it in your "Profil directory" than load it directly from expert mode "LOAD" ("ADD" is used to save you personal profile but you must first enter the name of the profile before adding).

If you have any questions or requests please let us know .

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