MPG to Zune

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MPG to Zune

Postby Bronyx » 01 Jul 2008, 05:00

I want to start by saying: I understand exprot mode is not supported, but it is the only place there is a Zune setting.

I have tried over 40 files converting in easy mode from mpg to wmv and the letting zune convert during sync. this has only worked for 4 of the 40+ files. When I try expert it just errors, with no explaination.

My questions are:
did I miss the easy settting to go directly to Zune? if so sorry, can you point me to the right one.
What settings should I be using to go directly to zune in the case of the file info listed below. if the case is i didn't miss the easy button.

I am running the latest version 3.5.7

Below is the file info for a failed file:

CompleteName : F:\Dr. Dre\Dr. Dre f. Eminem - Forgot About Dre (uncencored).mpg

Format : MPEG-PS

FileSize/String : 42.6 MiB

Duration/String : 4mn 16s

OveralBitRate/String : 1393 Kbps


Format : MPEG Video

Format_Version : Version 1

Format_Settings_Matrix : Standard

Duration/String : 4mn 16s

BitRate_Mode : CBR

BitRate/String : 1072 Kbps

BitRate_Nominal/String : 1150 Kbps

Width/String : 352 pixel3

Height/String : 240 pixel3

DisplayAspectRatio/String : 4/3

FrameRate/String : 29.970 fps3

ScanType/String : Progressive

Bits-(Pixel*Frame) : 0.454


Format : MPEG Audio

Format_Version : Version 1 / Layer 2

Duration/String : 4mn 16s

BitRate_Mode : CBR

BitRate/String : 224 Kbps

Channel(s)/String : 2 channel2

SamplingRate/String : 44.1 KHz

Resolution/String : 16 bit3
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Re: MPG to Zune

Postby Team Cocoon » 01 Jul 2008, 10:57

Hello and welcome,

Thank you for our participation ,

We seldom answer questions here as you may understand it can get quite time consuming.possibiliies of errors are so enormous.But we will try to solve this with you this time ..

I will also ask Gilles(developper) to take a look at this post and see what can be done.

But lets try this first.
Since you had 4 successes in easy mode could you please get :

For the successfull conversion
1) Input file specs
2) Output file specs
For those who did not work we suppose the information you gave us is about conversion error files .

Please post them here please here,we will then be able to compare and look for some proper settings in expert mode.

In expert mode try to reproduce the settings of those that worked .

Just in case it would be interesting for us to get an original file of small size , that way we will try it on our side .
We will probably add this feature in easy mode in future releases ...

Thanking you for letting us know the outcome of your trials.
Team Cocoon
thx for donating

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