frames extraction Solved

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frames extraction Solved

Postby qmc3dus » 17 Oct 2009, 15:49

could you write a program to extract all frames from a MOV file, to say jpg format files ?

not add to QMC, because QMC is a converter not an extraction program.

new program.
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Re: frames extraction

Postby Cocoon-Dev » 17 Oct 2009, 19:09


if you search a little on, you can find perhaps the command line to extract all frame in jpeg in Qmc.
You can input in expert mode , in the field command line the full command line and use only this without others settings.

Because we have a big charge of work, is it not possible to make all.

Have a nice day.
thx for donating
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Re: frames extraction

Postby qmc3dus » 19 Oct 2009, 02:28

That's what I'am talking about.
That's fantastic.
Thank you for the info!

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