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Convert and compress Solved

Posted: 16 Mar 2010, 12:18
by howtony
Is there a way to convert a video file and compress it at the same time?
Say convert a 150mb wmv file to a 90mb flv file ?

I guess by altering bit rates or output video size will alter the eventual file size but
is there a command line or option to compress to a certain file size.

altering the bit rate is a bit "hit and miss" as to the eventual file size?
or maybe I have missed something obvious.

Any hints gratefully received

Re: Convert and compress

Posted: 17 Mar 2010, 23:58
by Cocoon-Dev

thank you for supporting QMC.

You can go in expert mode and use the "flv" profile for try different's bite rate to compress your videos.
For more informations on the expert mode, we invite you to go on website in tutorials section where you can look an video on the settings in expert mode.
You find now also an tab with a bite rate calculator to help you to find the good adjustment for bite rate .

Have a nice day