Widescreen to Fullscreen

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Widescreen to Fullscreen

Postby WSynth » 11 Aug 2008, 07:29


I recently purchased a IPod 80gb and would like to convert some movies to its format...

but most of the films I have are all wide screen.
I was wondering how to possible crop the sides to make it 4:3 without stretching the screen

thank you for your help
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Re: Widescreen to Fullscreen

Postby Team Cocoon » 12 Aug 2008, 02:48

Hello and welcome ,

The answer is yes

Just go to the expert mode and work on your file from there by selecting your converted file and selecting the same output format then activate the crop button red to green crop x and y by placing values according to your needs
Then start conversion

We hope it answers your question .

Have a good day
Team Cocoon
thx for donating
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Re: Widescreen to Fullscreen

Postby Phoenix-3000 » 30 Jan 2010, 08:56

Sorry but to evaluate these values :oops:

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