Mp3 to Mp3 resize -solved

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Mp3 to Mp3 resize -solved

Postby Gfreed » 22 Jun 2008, 18:02

I'm attempting to take a Mp3 file that has a bit rate of 128 with a high frequency and resize it to a bit rate of 64 and a much lower frequency. I looked through out this site for answers and I think I found something in French. I don't read French so I'm stuck.

So to try and do the forgoing I take QMC to advanced mode. I drag the file I want to convert to its place. I select my output directory. I select my output vidio format as Mp3. Video options is set to red. Audio Options is set to green. Crop is red.

In Audio Options I have the codec set to Mp3. I set the Bit Rate to 64. Freq Rate is set to 400 also tried 4000. Selected Mono. Hit start conversion and I get an error.

What am I doing wrong? When I do a simple conversion it does it with no problem but the Mp3 file is basically a copy.

Any Ideas?
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Re: Mp3 to Mp3 resize

Postby Team Cocoon » 23 Jun 2008, 00:26

Hello ,

I understand your problem .

After reading your settings

It looks all fine but the settings you use for frequency seems to be way too low , instead of 400 try to use 44100 lower frequencies might not work properly and give errors so it is a matter of trial and error , with these settings it works here. You do not really have to select mono or stereo as it would take original settings if you do not check these boxes.

If you reduce the bitrate you are already diminishing the size of your mp3 and loose quality ...

Thank you for letting me know the outcome

Have a good evening
Team Cocoon
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