Problems with Custom resize-output

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Problems with Custom resize-output

Postby farbrorFrej » 11 May 2010, 21:06

I have converted AVI-files to "X-VID custom resize 480x272" (for my Cowon S9 player) with QMC from v3.6.5 to v4.0.0.8 without any problems. However with the latest version 4.0.20 something have gone awry. The conversion-process works well enough, and the converted file is playable - but I now get the wrong resolution-results. Then right-clicking a converted file and checking for info, it says 480x272 - but it looks more like 400x500. I tried 272x480 also but with the same results. I use "Windows 7 home premium, 64-bit", but version worked on this system without above problem.
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Re: Problems with Custom resize-output

Postby Team Cocoon » 12 May 2010, 23:35

Thanks for your post and welcome ,

It seems you may be onto something , however win 7 64 Bits is not supported at this stage by our version of ffmpeg nor by earlier versions of QMC. This could explain why it is giving you strange results ...

Have you updated lately your OS to windows 7 ?

Also please inform us more on the technical aspects of your input file ( click right on it in QmC and copy paste the technical information here please) .

Did you try to change the ratio in expert mode as well using profiles ? you may want to try that possibility if for some reason the command line is .

We are looking forward to your news ,

Have a nice day ,
Team Cocoon
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Re: Problems with Custom resize-output

Postby farbrorFrej » 15 May 2010, 08:19

Im not sure that the problem really lies on QMC v4.0.0.20 anymore. The resolution-bug appears then playing a converted file on my default "VLC Media Player" (v1.05). But then I tried two alternative media players ("Windows Media Player" and "Real Player Basic") the output-results looks a lot more like 480x272.

Anyway, below is the technical data for the orginal file (before conversion) you asked for. Then playback on "VLC Media Player" the output-results looks different depending if the file was converted with v4.0.0.8 or v4.0.0.20. But then playback a v4.0.0.20-converted file on above alternative players, the results looks good.

CompleteName : D:\Videos\The Tudors\the.tudors.s04e01.hdtv.xvid-fqm.avi
Format : AVI
Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
FileSize/String : 551 MiB
Duration/String : 55mn 33s
OverallBitRate/String : 1385 Kbps
Encoded_Application : transcode-1.0.4

ID/String : 0
Format : MPEG-4 Visual
Format_Profile : Advanced Simple@L5
Format_Settings_BVOP/String : Yes
Format_Settings_QPel/String : No
Format_Settings_GMC/String : warppoint0
Format_Settings_Matrix/String : Default (H.263)
CodecID : XVID
CodecID/Hint : XviD
Duration/String : 55mn 33s
BitRate/String : 1222 Kbps
Width/String : 624 pixel3
Height/String : 352 pixel3
DisplayAspectRatio/String : 16:9
FrameRate/String : 23.976 fps2
Resolution/String : 8 bit3
Colorimetry : 4:2:0
ScanType/String : Progressive
Bits-(Pixel*Frame) : 0.232
StreamSize/String : 486 MiB (88%)
Encoded_Library/String : XviD 1.2.1 (UTC 2008-12-04)

ID/String : 1
Format : MPEG Audio
Format_Version : Version 1
Format_Profile : Layer 3
CodecID : 55
CodecID/Hint : MP3
Duration/String : 55mn 33s
BitRate_Mode/String : VBR
BitRate/String : 128 Kbps
Channel(s)/String : 2 channel2
SamplingRate/String : 48.0 KHz
Resolution/String : 16 bit3
StreamSize/String : 59.8 MiB (11%)
Alignment/String : Alignment_Aligned
Interleave_Duration/String : 24 ms (0.58 video frames1)

7 Home Edition,64 64 bits Execution
C:\Program Files\QuickMediaConverter
C:\Program Files\QuickMediaConverter\QMC.exe 32 bits

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