MP3 to Vorbis (.Ogg)

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MP3 to Vorbis (.Ogg)

Postby burkele » 03 Aug 2009, 18:03

Hi guys.
I am using QMC 3.G.5 on Vista HP.
When I convert an MP3 audio file to Ogg format, I actually see an increase in the size of the output file of about 50%.
Normally, it is the oppositie, i.e. the Ogg output file is about 50% smaller than the MP3 input file.
Any thoughts on the matter?
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Re: MP3 to Vorbis (.Ogg)

Postby Team Cocoon » 03 Aug 2009, 22:36

Hello and welcome ,

Probably the default bitrate is too high for ogg , just use expert mode and reduce bitrate in the audio settings options

1) Place the file to convert in active worksheet .
2)Select Audio Options tag and click on the red button to make it become green .
3) Select Codec MP3
4)Choose a bitrate equivalent to your ogg file
5) Convert and save profile (if you are satisfied with the results) so next time you can simply load the profile and all will be done automatically in expert mode .

Hope this answers your question,

Have a nice day,
Team Cocoon
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