Coverting to MP3 Format

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Coverting to MP3 Format

Postby DM42CG » 16 Feb 2009, 14:59

I downloaded from youtube a video using Realplayer recording manager. And then when I try to convert it to MP3 format, it gives me following message: Error (Unsupported Codec (id=0) for input stream #0.1). I need help with that message. I had another video from youtube that i downloaded using realplayer recording manager. It worked for that video, but not the current one. NEED HELP
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Re: Coverting to MP3 Format

Postby Team Cocoon » 16 Feb 2009, 15:11

Hellothank you for reading this and follow the rules to ask your question , without this information we can not do much to help you...

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