Install a codec?

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Install a codec?

Postby Justice » 09 Feb 2009, 22:17

I have some compressed wav files that use their own codec. I have the codec and the files will play in Windoes Media Player. However, I want to use QMC to convert them to either uncompressed wav or mp3 files.

Is it possible to install this codec myself or somehow get QMC to use it?


Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2

File info

CompleteName : D:\BURN\Gilluly\tate 2 of 3\12293032599016904106.wav
Format : Wave
FileSize/String : 5 Config_Text_FloatSeparator27 MiB
Duration/String : 22mn 28s
OverallBitRate/String : 32 Config_Text_FloatSeparator8 Kbps

Format : 1111
CodecID : 1111
BitRate/String : 32 Config_Text_FloatSeparator8 Kbps
Channel(s)/String : 1 channel1
SamplingRate/String : 8 Config_Text_ThousandsSeparator000 Hz
Resolution/String : 4 bit2
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Re: Install a codec?

Postby Team Cocoon » 06 Mar 2009, 00:04

Hello and welcome;

Have you tried already a conversion ?

To do this place the file to be converted in QMC active worksheet then click on the yellow loud speaker icon then select mp3 or wav and proceed to convert.

That should work if the codec is in the codecs supported list ( view on our website) .

If it is not in the list then there is no way to install it in QMC ...

Hoping this helps ,
Have a good evening
Team Cocoon
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