Music encode Solved

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Music encode Solved

Postby the rat » 04 Jan 2009, 21:34

first time posting since joining. Have a few questions:
How can I use the voice endoce option if I want to cancel the voice portion of a Karaoke file (MPG) keeping the music but cancelling the out voice. I don't know if the channel option has to be used. ALso what encode to use.

Also how can I convert VOB files and splitting them to MPG format. Please help out if you can,, thanks
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Re: Music encode

Postby Team Cocoon » 05 Jan 2009, 00:31

Hello and welcome ,

Your question has two parts

1) concerning audio

QMC is not an authoring tools so it will not allow you to do what you request and just extract the music but not the voice .

2) Concerning the VOB to Mpeg it is easy just place the vob file in the active worksheet , select DVD (mpeg) then according to your country usa ntsc and europe uses PAL . press convert and that is it you should obtain an mpeg video file readable by most players .

We do not yet offer the possibility the append files together but we are studying that possibility when feasable for future versions . For the moment you should use video authoring tools such as windows movie maker that supports mpeg as well .

Have a nice day.
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