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Audio quality in simple mode -solved

Posted: 24 May 2008, 20:38
by Craopo

Firstly, thank you for making this terrific software.

Second, I have a question about audio quality: when converting from AVI to mpeg4 in simple mode, the audio quality seems to degrade significantlly in the output file. It functions fine, and is certainly listenable, but sounds muddy. I assume this is because the default audio bitrate for simple mode is low. Is there any way to change this? I ahve tried using expert mode, but I always get an error, so I am hoping I can do this in simple mode...


Re: Audio quality in simple mode

Posted: 24 May 2008, 20:39
by Craopo
PS here are the details from the info button in QMC:

General #0

CompleteName : c:\movies\the muppet show - season 1\s01e01 - Juliet Prowse (#TheMuppetArchive).avi

Format/String : AVI

Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave

Format/Family : RIFF

FileSize/String : 121 MiB

PlayTime/String : 26mn 10s

BitRate/String : 640 Kbps

Encoded_Library : VirtualDub build 13130/release

Video #0

Codec/String : DivX 3 Low

Codec/Family : MPEG-4

Codec_Settings/Packe : No

PlayTime/String : 26mn 9s

BitRate/String : 579 Kbps

Width/String : 480 pixel3

Height/String : 320 pixel3

AspectRatio/String : 1.500

FrameRate/String : 23.976 fps

Resolution/String : 24 bit3

Bits-(Pixel*Frame) : 0.157

Audio #0

Codec/String : MPEG-2 Audio layer 3

Codec_Profile : Joint stereo

PlayTime/String : 26mn 10s

BitRate/String : 48 Kbps

BitRate_Mode : CBR

Channel(s)/String : 2 channel2

SamplingRate/String : 22 KHz

Resolution/String : 16 bit3

Encoded_Library : FhG (ACM or producer pro)

Re: Audio quality in simple mode

Posted: 28 May 2008, 23:47
by Team Cocoon
Hello and welcome to our forum thanking you for your nice comments as well ,

Sorry about the little delay in giving you an answer , we have been very busy lately trying to finish our latest Final version QMC 3.5.0 while facing last minute delays and tuning to give you all a better finished product.

So we didn't ignore you at all , we were just very very busy.

About your problem and your questions ,

It would be interesting for us to get the same info you gave us but this time for the converted file .

Anyway the settings used in simple mode for mp4 (we suppose you did it for Iphone) are the correct ones and true there is some loss of audio quality because of the bitrate standard used.
You could always try to correct it ( not too sure if ffmpeg will accept ) by using expert mode, on our side we will discuss the matter and run some tests over here to check if there is a way to improve this without generating an error code in expert mode and in simple mode. If there is a solution we will change the coding in the future version mentioned above and let you know right here.

Waiting for your news,

Have a nice evening

Re: Audio quality in simple mode

Posted: 04 Jun 2008, 21:27
by Craopo
Hi again,

Just thought I would update you, and anyone else with the same problem:

I am converting AVI files to mpeg-4 for my Sony Walkman NWZS616F. I have gotten MUCH better audio quality with the following settings in Expert mode:

Output format: mp4
Video options...
Codec: mpeg4
BitRate: 256
Frame: 25
x: 320
y: 240

Audio options...

codec: aac
bitrate: 129
Freq. Rate: 48000
Channel: Stereo

The bit rate still ends up being lower, at 64kbps, but it seems to be dependant on the freq. rate. Once I figured that out, I boosted it to the device max, and everything is much better, with no conversion errors.


Re: Audio quality in simple mode -solved

Posted: 06 Jun 2008, 00:04
by Team Cocoon
Hello again , welcome back to brief us;

Freq and Bitrate are indeed related and wrong settings there may result in getting an error message (this is partly the reason why we seldom support expert mode, so many errors may result when used improperly and it would be very difficult and too much time consuming to take them all).

We are glad to hear that you came up with the correct settings and to let us and the others know about them ,

Have fun converting , drop by any time

Re: Audio quality in simple mode -solved

Posted: 24 Jan 2010, 21:34
by clarkejw

I have a Sony Walkman NWZ-S739F and used to use QMC v3.6.5 with the settings that you advised in your post. I have never had a problem - Thank you.
Since upgrading to v4.0.0.8 using the same settings, I am now finding that the video quality is poor and there is No (or very poor quality) sound.
Have you seen this issue and are you able to advise what settings need to be changed in expert mode?
I would like to be able to downgrade but do not have the v3.6.5 install any longer.
It would be good if Cocoon were able to add an easy option to convert to MP4's compatible with Sony Walkman's?

Re: Audio quality in simple mode -solved

Posted: 13 Feb 2010, 01:08
by Team Cocoon
Hello and welcome ,
Sorry for the delay but somehow we did not see a series of posts waiting for approval ...

Please Send us the information about your converted file so we can understand why the quality is poor ;

Hava nice day

Re: Audio quality in simple mode -solved

Posted: 15 Feb 2010, 21:32
by upperdeck
Hi there:

Thank you for creating and sharing this software. I am new to this program and forum. I tried to convert a RM file to MPEG2 for my Shinco DVD player. The video quality is awesome, but there is no sound. Yes, no sound/voice at all. I used the Easy mode to convert as the Expert mode always shows Error message.

Please help.

Thanks for your quick reply.