OGG to MP3 and M4A

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OGG to MP3 and M4A

Postby StevenHW11 » 04 Apr 2010, 01:32


I love your program and find it very professionally built and developed. Thank you for supporting this as a free tool. I have a problem that I am experiencing that I would value your help with.

Running Windows VISTA, Service Pack 2 and ITunes Verson 9 on an HP PC.

Problem I am experiencing:
Using Simple Mode
Converting OGG files to either MP3 or M4A
Conversion goes fine for all files loaded
When I move either the MP3 or M4A files into ITunes, they play....HOWEVER, there is a almost always an annoying pop/scratch sound throughout each track. It happens on just about every OGG file that I convert.

Should I change some settings in Expert Mode?

I really apprecaiate your help.

Thank you and the team very much.

- StevenW11
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Re: OGG to MP3 and M4A

Postby Cocoon-Dev » 22 Apr 2010, 19:30


we must check with Itunes.
Wit wmp, have you the same problem ?

Have a nice day.
thx for donating
Team Cocoon

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