DVD playback problem with Audio

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DVD playback problem with Audio

Postby gccradioscience » 08 Mar 2008, 19:56


I am having a problem with Nero 8 Ultra Editions Nero Vision 5 program. I used the QMC converter version Beta 4.3 to convert a music video that was in .flv format to mpeg II format (dvd quality) and after it got encoded it burned properly at 8x with no errors it was done ok. Then when I placed the burned DVD+R disc in my portable D1817 player the video played fine, but the audio was skipping bad on certain videos. Does someone ever experience this problem with DVD playback from Nero 8 Nero Vision 5 ? I think its a bug
from Nero. :(

Adam E.

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Postby Team Cocoon » 09 Mar 2008, 00:48

Hello and welcome ,

Please try to send us *full technical info about the FLV you are trying to convert* audio problems are likely to occur, when the audio video codecs used to encode the original file are not supported by our application ie: VP6 VP7 QCELP etc.

There is some information on this forum about these Audio codec problems here .
and here is an example of video and audio mistake resulting fromthe use of a ON2 VP6 FLV (proprietary video codec not supported by ffmpeg)

Please click on this link to learn how to get the technical information from the file

Looking forward to your news.
Have a good evening
Team Cocoon
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