Convert iTunes to MP3

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Convert iTunes to MP3

Postby Sweet_November » 26 Nov 2009, 14:55

Dear comrads!

Is it a problem to change iTunes to mp3? I say NINE :) Its really nervous not being able to play iTunes tracks with my $300 iriver!
Digging for a solution brings certain results. To convert iTunes to MP3 I used this tool drm removal ( or something like this, please ask me - will find that web again). I don't care what is drm - what I read, its something dealing with protection and nothing about iTunes.
But this tool really works for me and it converted quickly my iTuines entire library, including video files!.

How do you convert it? Why iTunes brings this shit? I didn't like ipods at all! They simple stuck and suck!
What is that drm that I loose converting my itunes to mp3?

thanks in advance!
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Re: Convert iTunes to MP3

Postby Team Cocoon » 26 Nov 2009, 15:36

Hello and welcome ,

If downloaded from official sites against payment your Itunes are probably copyright protected , and their keys need to be decrypted .

We do not do any piracy nor support piracy in any way on this website or with this software.

Hope you understand ,

Have a nice day
Team Cocoon
thx for donating
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Re: Convert iTunes to MP3

Postby joneslau » 01 Nov 2014, 09:29

Generally it is not legal to decrypt the drm contents of iTunes video, so Sweet_November's answer should be deleted

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