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application fails when selection input file

Posted: 24 Feb 2009, 22:16
by qmcvalbro
The application was working well until 21 feb.
Since then, the application opens OK, but as soon as I try to select a file to convert it fails and closes.

Was using an older version of your software, downloaded and insatalled latest version, but problem persists.

Am using an intel based Dell 4600 running XP home, fully up to date with all microsoft releases (possible cause ?)...with AVG, paid version V8, and Windows Defender anti-virus

I have uninstalled and re-installed the software and re-started the system from cold, problem persists.
No obvious conflicts.
any ideas?
thank you
graham Brown

Re: application fails when selection input file

Posted: 25 Feb 2009, 02:37
by Team Cocoon
Hello and welcome ,

Well that is strange ...

First off make sure you are using the proper icone to select your files here is the buttons explanation and picture click on this link;

Have you tried drag and drop?

Or do you access your files to convert via the first icon on the left ?

You seem to have done it correctly by first uninstalling then you should reinstall the latest version here

If that does not work you can also try to do it via windows safe mode .

I hope this answers your question , thank you for keeping us informed .

Have a nice day

Re: application fails when selection input file

Posted: 25 Feb 2009, 10:06
by qmcvalbro
thank you for your rapid response
You are correct, drag and drop works !
BUT using the top left icon to select the file still crashes the application!
So I am now working, but there does still appear to be a problem with the icon use.

thank you

Re: application fails when selection input file

Posted: 25 Feb 2009, 11:58
by Team Cocoon
Hello ,

After your reinstalled did you select default input folder ? maybe the problem is that your application points towards wrong input folder ...

Go to my settings => folder settings, click on the first icon to the left and select video directory. Check the box and then press apply.

That should set your default video input directory.

View this here : Select video input default directory

Lets see of that works...

Have a nice day.