How to change posting form background color

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How to change posting form background color

Postby larchen » 21 Jan 2009, 15:39


I can´t find any subforum for posting questions about the forum itself so I try to post it here.

When I try to post the font color is white and the background color is light blue. How do I change the colors to something that´s easier to see?
I looked through all the tabs and settings in the User Control Panel, searched the forum. I even visited the support forum at phpBB but to me their forum looked to me like it was for forum administrators and not for forum visitors/members.

Grateful for help.

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Re: How to change posting form background color

Postby Team Cocoon » 22 Jan 2009, 01:43

Hello and welcome ,

Unfortunately there is at this stage no way for you to change the background since we havn't yet had the time to offer other templates and are quite busy between the two of us handling other urgent tasks and had so far no volunteers to help us out .

We have therefore decided to simplify what we could , to be able to quickly respond to the questions on our forum , we will eventually look for an alternative template which should be changeable directly from the users profile .

I hope this answers your question,
Have a nice day
Team Cocoon
thx for donating

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