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Open QMC - Kicks on TV Tuner Sound

Posted: 10 Nov 2008, 18:49
by mrlewp
Upon opening QuickMedia Converter ;
1 ) Alert appears stating - " You cannot use this device when another video application, such as DVD, video conferencing, video editing, TV viewers, or Web TV for Windows is already using it. To use this device for
your current application, close the app. that is using it. If Web TV is installed and running on your system, pause the "Web TV video and data services" on the taskbar tray by right-clicking its icon and choosing ..
"Pause Services" .
>> I dont have Web TV , and am using no other video app. , but dont know what may be in startup
that would be the culprit. I tried , in Task Mgr. , closing ALL entries that began with "ati ....",
being the brand of graphics card , or TV tuner card (??)
2 ) After clicking away this alert , another panel appears , where I am asked to confirm that my video
capture device is "ATI RAGE Theater Video Capture" .... being the only option, anyway. I click OK or
APPLY , it doesnt matter - to get rid of that. AT THIS POINT , the TV SOUND FROM MY CABLE IS ALREADY
PRESENT , and will never go away !! , until I reboot !!
>> I cant find any use for video capture in QMConv. , nor do I find options for dealing with initiating
the TV Tuner , whatever ???
Note that , thankfully , the TV sound coming thru can be turned down (meaning all sound from the PC) , and
doesnt end up in any converted video or audio file that I create ! It's just very annoying , and seems pointless
to say the least.
Additionlly - I am using Comcasts Hi-speed internet / tv / phone. The RF TV cable is hooked up to the PC simply to monitor my VCR , which on occasion I'll use to record.
IF I disconnect the RF TV cable , opening QMConv. still tries to "capture" TV , and only hissing sound comes
through , so still there's a problem.

Re: Open QMC - Kicks on TV Tuner Sound

Posted: 10 Nov 2008, 20:21
by Team Cocoon
Hello and welcome,

Thank you very much for this very complete and useful report.

The next version of QMC probably on wednesday , will deactivate by default the webcam flux ( we are currently testing that) and will allow you to activate it only when needed.

That said , it seems we have had some reports from tv card owners and Windows Media Center owner of some conflicts similar to yours... We are still investigating the origin of that conflict , it may very well be because of the active x to capture webcam flux .

Do you have windows media center by any chance ?

This is also the reason why we decided to deactivate by default. It would be interesting for us too to have another report from you if you decide to try the new version and see if that is solving the problem.

Thank you
Have a nice day.

Re: Open QMC - Kicks on TV Tuner Sound

Posted: 11 Nov 2008, 02:04
by mrlewp
Thanks for rapid response ! Helps just to know I'm not alone in this . I do not have Media Center. I did not mention at this posting , that I experienced this glitch years ago , I believe after trying to update my ATI drivers. Each time I did so , I would run into this , discovering .... and I forget how , that it had something to do with the video - or TV - "crossbar" ?? Have no idea what that's about. Alas , at least twice , I ended up reverting back to old drivers. Very annoying.
Only now am I again plagued with that TV sound thing , opening QMC. I definitely will give the newer version a drive around the block. ( ? is that aging myself ? )
Thanks again , and real nice video tool. ( currently v3.5.0 , but .exe info reports 3.5.6xxxxxxxxxxx )

Re: Open QMC - Kicks on TV Tuner Sound

Posted: 13 Nov 2008, 04:22
by mrlewp
Sorry to report , same problem with newest version of QMC. I uninstalled previous , including cleaning the registry. Installed QMC v3.5.7 , rebooted first , then upon opening the app. , there came the TV sound again.
This time around , I looked into the WebCam panel. Noticed that all options to select were empty , so seemed it had not activated on it's own. I checked the listings in number 1 - WebCam/DvCam , and only thing there was " Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32) ". I dont have a webcam , btw.
Why does QMC need to know that I have a TV Tuner ? Can I hide that fact when using it ? , such as disabling something in Device Mgr. ? I have attached an image of , a listing of ATI components in video controllers area of Hardware on my PC.
Any hope of a cure ?

Re: Open QMC - Kicks on TV Tuner Sound

Posted: 13 Nov 2008, 04:29
by Team Cocoon
Hello and welcome back

The new version is V3.6.0 out since a couple of hours , Did you install 3.5.7 again or the new one ?

I will ask Gilles to see with you on that technical bug and lets hope it can be solved .

Have a nice evening;

Re: Open QMC - Kicks on TV Tuner Sound

Posted: 15 Nov 2008, 01:53
by mrlewp
ALAS !! thinks. I can open QMC v3.6 , without TV sound activating. If , however , I select the WebCam button , I'll get all the same alert messages , in the same order as original post , and the TV sound comes on.
Update ..... in Device Mgr. , under sound / video controllers,etc. - I can disable ATI WDM Rage Theater Audio , and the TV audio STOPS ! I checked , and still get audio from other applications requiring audio !
Also , after ENABLING the same ATI device , with QMC still opened , TV sound does not return on it's own.
( did not get as far as RE-selecting WebCam a 2nd time to see if unwanted audio re-starts. Another day..)
Hope this is informative.

Another side issue.... I'm using v3.60 , but get this notice each time I open QMC ?? ( image attached)

Re: Open QMC - Kicks on TV Tuner Sound

Posted: 15 Nov 2008, 04:06
by Team Cocoon
Hello ,

Yes it has been corrected but you must download again and reinstall an update bug we hadn t seen :)
That happens and I will place a note for the users who downloaded that version in the very begining the issue is now solved and we replaced the initial Install.exe by the corrected one . Sorry about the inconvenience.

The problem you had is probably almost certainly related to the activex used to capture the flux looks like your system uses the same active x that explains why when you activated the webcam it started the problem again .

Have a nice day,