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MSVCRT.DLL - updated information on crash

Posted: 02 Dec 2010, 09:52
by Charon9
First up: Please do not tell me to (or redirect me to) read that other thread on the DLL, it is messy and contains a large amount of incorrect information - and it does not solve the problem.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional, SP3 (all updates and fixes current from Microsoft) - all legit software
File conversion type:
Does not apply, no file loaded

Error reproduction (details)
I had several crashes, supposedly caused by MSVCRT.DLL, but I noticed that the conversion process continued behind the error screen - This gives us a clue that the crash is UI (User interface) related. I left the error screen in place and did nothing but let it set there, and the batch conversion continued in the background through all 93 files (FLV to AVI).

So, I restarted the software and did nothing but let it set there; I did not move the mouse, click on anything, type anything or allow QMC to loose focus, etc. after exactly 5 minutes and 10 seconds it crashed; I repeated this exact test 3 times, and it crashed on time every time (every 5m 10s).

MSVCRT.DLL information
File name: MSVCRT.DLL
Version: (xpsp.080413-2111)*1
Type: Protected operating system file*2
1: (xpsp.080413-2111) identifies this file as an update to the operating system, to Service Pack 3
2: This file is a "Known DLL" meaning that only Microsoft and or the Operating System can change, update, replace, or restore the file - see: ... use_it_.3F
The msvcrt.dll is now a "known DLL," meaning that it is a system component owned and built by Windows. It is intended for future use only by system-level components. ... 80%29.aspx

One of your links about (the) "DLL Hell" that happened on Windows operating systems prior to XP is what caused this change; now that file cannot be tampered with in any way - Ok, yes it can but not by the "normal user" it can be force replaced by logging into the Recovery Console and forcing its replacement by expanding its original source MSVCRT.DL_ (but I don't see many users doing that (successfully))
In any case every operating system since Windows 2000 has flagged this DLL as a protected OS file, and the errors about the previous problems in that DLL is outdated; as the DLL is now unified and you simply call any of the other MSVCxx.DLL files for extended functions that are not included in that dll (MSVC80.DLL for instance), or you build your own and include it with your install.

Because this is a Protected Operating System File any attempt to change it would cause windows to throw an error popup about the file being changed - also SFC /SCANNOW (system file checker) shows that this file is correct, and uncorrupted from ServicePack 3.

Code Calls to DLL:
It seems that this DLL is used for function calls; it does not matter if you are using C++, Viso, Python, or whatever: some function that your software is calling is not present in that DLL.

It almost seems that: ... 85%29.aspx could give insight as to how, where, why this is occurring and or a way to redirect the calls through your own version of a known working DLL to stop the crash <> but, I'm no programmer and 'that' is just a guess.

Re: MSVCRT.DLL - updated information on crash

Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 01:32
by Cocoon-Dev
Hello charon9,

check your date and hour in first.

Now , you can always copy the dll from a another Xp computer and paste the dll on your computer where the dll crash.

Send me your feedback

Have a nice day.

Re: MSVCRT.DLL - updated information on crash

Posted: 03 Dec 2010, 04:28
by Charon9
The systems date and time are set from a TimeServer on the Domain - it is updated from every 24 hours or at logon -- time on the domain is correct and accurate.

There is no need, or sense in replacing a known good DLL; more-so when it is a protected OS file - that DLL exists in the DLLCACHE directory and windows will restore the correct version every time (so there is no way, other than system recovery console, to replace the file OR run SFC /scannow).

Also, as said in the first message - System File Checker checked the file and reports it as good, uncorrupted and an Original SP3 file.
Also, Microsoft reports the MD5 as: 355edbb4d412b01f1740c17e3f50fa00 (for the SP3 version of the DLL)
F-CRC reports this machines dll as: 355EDBB4D412B01F1740C17E3F50FA00 (which is the same)
And just for giggles, the same MD5 is reported on my other 3 XP machines (all ServicePack 3) ... 11/sTab/1/ (scroll down to the DLL, for SP3 for the MD5).

Just for fun, I copied your software install (version ( a brand-new (fresh) XP machine with SP3 (from microsoft on CD). I installed the software, opened it, let it run for exactly 5 minutes and 10 seconds - exactly the same error. (and before this comes up) This machine runs Kaspersky, updates at 2am, critical scans at 3am - the other machine is Microsoft Security -- neither shows any form of virus or activity of that nature.
Software version does not have this same crash issue, at least on the 2nd machine (not tested on this machine) - also not tested is function past the UI timing issue (there are no video files to convert on that machine - it is naked). I will try to install and test the function on this machine sometime tomorrow (I'm too tired to deal with it tonight).

Re: MSVCRT.DLL - updated information on crash

Posted: 04 Dec 2010, 12:20
by Cocoon-Dev

Gooood, if the latest beta version works because in the future this version replace the old version

Now the problem come some times with the "http" requests are blocked by the security software and then the software wait a lot of time without any answers come and then it crash...

Thanks' for yours feedbacks.

Have a nice day.

Re: MSVCRT.DLL - updated information on crash

Posted: 04 Dec 2010, 19:16
by Charon9
Sorry I didn't post the results when I said I would; didn't realize it was the weekend.

In any case the latest beta software from the site runs without any problems - it is a little laggy, but that maybe the security mentioned -- in any case it is up and running without crashing.

TWO: errors to note on the new beta software -
1) The "Tip" for mouse over of the file names (main window) "Right" is misspelled (trivial)
2) I am getting a stream error on some of the files (but it is in batch mode so I don't know details to delve into that at this point) - will ignore that and search for a thread on it, or open a new one if I can figure out what is going on.