How to Convert to (PS2 ) Playstation 2

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How to Convert to (PS2 ) Playstation 2

Postby icetmac » 23 Jul 2010, 22:22

I had some games downloaded for Playstation 2 and I wanted to know how to convert them; because there is not an icon for Playstation 2;only Playstation 3 on QMC or will the Playstation 3 conversion work for both?
Thanks, Icetmac :?:
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Re: How to Convert to (PS2 ) Playstation 2

Postby Team Cocoon » 24 Jul 2010, 10:55

Hello and welcome ,

Quick Media Converter is not a game converter but a video and audio converter , converting one game from one platform to another is impossible with QMC .

Hope this answers your question , have a nice day
Team Cocoon
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