some bugs

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some bugs

Postby fullhd_fan » 28 Feb 2010, 00:17

Hi there !
I'm using the QMC version on a 32bit Vista machine. I've noticed some bugs and I would like to report them.
1. In the expert mode if I chose the h264 codec with any of these formats: mp4, h264, mov, ts I get allways
the "unknown encoder" message. If I use the libx264 format i get the "unable to find a suitable format" message.
2. The conversion still runs although the stop button is clicked (it can be seen on the progression bar running further). There is no other way to stop it completely unless I close it from the Task Manager. Moreover, the ffmpeg stays resident in RAM after the application closure.
3. 5-10 minutes after launch the QMC crashes without reason ("out of the blue").
4. The options associated with the .ts format in easy and HD mode use mostly the MPEG2 compression. Don't forget that nowadays the HD compatible satellite receivers store also their h264 content on hardisk in this format (there is no such option and in the expert mode the combination does not work) !
5. The .mkv option in HD mode worsens significantly the audio quality reducing the rate to 64Kbps.
6. It would be also good to have some container conversion options (container to container) without touching the video and audio.
My impression untill now is that the previous versions (3.x.x.x.) worked much better than the latest ones.
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Re: some bugs

Postby Cocoon-Dev » 28 Feb 2010, 12:36

thank you for supporting QMC.

Good remarks:

1. The h264 is let only for compatibility with old version of ffmepg.
In the latest version of QMC ffmepg is changed and in expert mode if you want make a mp4 format you don't use the h264 but libx264.
It's also the same thing for the mp3 to libmp3lame.
If you want, you are the choice in the list to add or delete an codec :)

2.Allow time to QMC to close the dos ghost window and kill ffmpeg in memory. If you stop the program , the program has not the possibility to stop ffmpeg.

3.Are you the latest update on your computer ?
Check also your security program. For example ask to your security program don't check the directory of QMC.

4. Just, but it's only to keep a compatibility with the actual sat decoder what don't support the h264.
We expect in a future release an specific option for the sat HD.

5.Just but it is in ac-3 and it is 64kb per channels.

6. We working on these points but we are only 2 and 24 hours in a day. Now if you have the time to give at this project you are welcome :)
We try every days to answer at each post... and we pass a lot of time to answer :)

Have a nice day.
thx for donating
Team Cocoon

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