Zero compression

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Zero compression

Postby fancy boy » 09 Sep 2012, 23:24

Hello all,
Just downloaded this software, because I was looking for a fast converter (MKV to DVD), and I like what I see so far. If the speed is much better than the 8 to 10 hours I've been waiting to convert a file, I will be donating.

My question is simple. I want to convert mkv files to dvd format (avi?), in the highest quality possible. Keep in mind that I will be using double-layer discs if I have to, in order to keep the quality at its highest possible level. My question is, if I choose the "DVD" button, and then clik on the ntsc "HQ" mode on the drop down menu, would this be the non-compression mode? I noticed that there was a "LQ" mode, which I assume is the compression mode. Is this right?

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Re: Zero compression

Postby Cocoon-Dev » 26 Sep 2012, 19:57

sorry for the delay.

it's not possible to keep the quality of an mkv if the internal format is in mp4 or other because the algoritm of compression is not the same.
But with HQ ntsc , you are in 8000 kbps thus in mpeg layer used in dvd format you are in a very high quality of image.
By experience, an higher bit rate would not increase the quality of image.

In expert mode in the last tab of option, you can use the calculator to calculate the weight of your conversion(ratio of bit rate)

Have a nice day.
thx for donating
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fancy boy
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Re: Zero compression

Postby fancy boy » 26 Sep 2012, 20:14

Thanks. Ill look into that.

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