error message and incomplete conversion

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error message and incomplete conversion

Postby bembokabob » 27 Jul 2008, 09:49

Why is it every time I try and convert a .3g2 file I get 'error' in the status column and I get a file in my output file directory of a jpeg from the clip and a file in the format I selected for the output with 0 kb...doesn't matter what output format I choose. what am I doing wrong and how do I get this program to work ???properly....I am only on an ISP...not broadband so it takes forever to load your video tutorials...what step/s am I missing?
Please help...I am trying to get these files converted and put onto a dvd for a friend...they came from his phone and he is totally computer illiterate.
Please email me with your answer...or a complete manual on how to use the program to my email address:
Thank you, hope to hear from you soon as I have been trying to get these files converted now for 4 days for my friend.
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Re: error message and incomplete conversion

Postby Team Cocoon » 27 Jul 2008, 13:59

Hello and welcome to our forum ,

We hope you read the issues about mobile phoneswhere you will proably find the explanation it has already been discussed many times If you are in the USA some phones use QCELP codec to encode and they are not supported by our application , please check the forum rules to find out how to know what audio codec is used for your file if it is QCELP we cannot help as it is a proprietary codec .

Have a good day and thank you for keeping us informed.
Team Cocoon
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