Reports an error on start (4.5)

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Reports an error on start (4.5)

Postby AlterEgo » 26 Dec 2010, 19:19

I was using QMC 4.0 for a long time and I went to the site today to find out there was a new version out so I went to install it.
First I uninstalled the old QMC, deleted the old folder and installed the new QMC 4.5.
After the install was done, it prompted me to download FFmpeg, which I did, but now everytime I start the program I get the following message:
FFmpeg command to launch if not correct!
FFmpeg is not installed of Quick Media Converter could not find ffmpeg on your computer.
If this is the first time you start the Quick Media Converter, simply restart the program.
thank you for Quick Media Converter as a video converter.

I do have the FFmpeg.exe installed in the /bin files. But also, everytime I start QMC, a file is created in the root of my C:\ drive called "Error.log", and it shows this:
26/12/2010 14:54:44:47 File converter.kpd not found !!!!
26/12/2010 14:56:21:16 File converter.kpd not found !!!!

and it has a whole lot of them in there. Everytime I get the error starting QMC, a new entry is made in this Error.log, that's in the root of my C:\ drive. Any way to move this Error.log from C:\ to the install directory of QMC perhaps in a future version?

Any way to get 4.5 to work with Windows 7 64bit?

I've uninstalled 4.5 and gone back to 4.0 for the time being, and 4.0 works perfectly on Windows 7 64bit but I really wish I could use the new 4.5 though :(
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Re: Reports an error on start (4.5)

Postby Cocoon-Dev » 29 Dec 2010, 02:02

read the answer on the other post.


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