Error Converting 3G2 to anything

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Error Converting 3G2 to anything

Postby frost1219 » 25 Jul 2008, 14:03

Hey all! I am new to this program and i am using the latest just downloaded off the site. 3.5.7.
I created a video on my cell phone (3G2) and I am trying to convert it to something usable. I can play the video with the Quick Media Converter software but every time i try to convert it to anything it says error and the file it generates wont play in windows media player. I have tried several different files but they all give an error. I am running windows xp with service pack 3 and windows media player 11.0.5721.5230. If anyone can help and point me in the right direction i would appreciate it. i found one post that looked simillar but the link to the answer was a broken link, so i am reposting my question.
Thanks again,
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Re: Error Converting 3G2 to anything

Postby donscomp » 25 Jul 2008, 22:29

Having the same problem
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Re: Error Converting 3G2 to anything

Postby Team Cocoon » 25 Jul 2008, 23:17

Hello to you and welcome ,

I you live in the usa and use a cell phone with qcelp codec then problably this is the reason it is not working..

Please read this post about qcelp errors

Also carefully read our posting rules it is explained how you can get information from the file you want to convert to find out if it is indeed using that codec.

Thank you also for getting back to us and letting us know ..

Have a good evening.
Team Cocoon
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