Thank you for reading this before posting anything ....

Information on latest releases of Quick Media Converter
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Thank you for reading this before posting anything ....

Postby Team Cocoon » 09 Mar 2008, 01:15

From 18-June -2008 all previous versions to QMC 3.5.7 will not be supported anymore.

To receive help and to avoid a lot of confusion please
get the latest version of QMC.

If you need help on a specific problem , do not just jump in and post , make sure first you have followed this procedure in order to save us all a lot of precious time, if you do not do this your questions might very well remain without answers as we are getting bored repeating the same over and over again and from now on we will not answer quesitons of the type " it doesn't work what should I do ? " this type of questions will now simply be deleted with no further action.

To begin with just make sure the subject of your post is not already discussed by double checking all the topics on the support forum or elsewhere ! It is not rare that the same questions are posted several times and making us all waste a lot of time..
You may also use the search tool to do so and go faster .

It is also important to read the annoucements on the forum , in general rule when we make an update of our software we specify it there and let our users know . If there are updates available there are two possibilities

1) Download the update (view patches in the forum anouncements and get only the latest as it covers all previous patches as well )


2)get the latest version of QMC.

Then install and check that the update or reinstall are indeed our latest versions and then verify that your problem is not solved by this simple few steps. If it did not solve the problem, proceed and post your question exactely as specified below.

Just In case you are one of those lousy guys who do not want to waste their time reading and searching to make it easier on us, then in return expect us to think just about the same about you with respect to wasting time helping you ! . Remember we are only two for running this freewareand, this website,this help forum as well as many other things related to it , we invest a lot of our free time for our users, so the common sense should tell you what to do in return.

Please follow these steps below very carefuly:

How to properly request help on this forum ?

1) Give us precise description of the problem

2) Input file Technical Information ** (view how below)

3) Information on your operating system Vista XP etc

4) Please let us know if you are using windows media center

**How to get technical information on a file
**Launch your application

1) Place the original file on the active worksheet of the Quick Media Converter application .

2) Click right on the input file in the worksheet (select media info) or press Image on the left while the file is highlighted.

3) Copy all the info (from the window on the right ) and then paste it in your post .

4) Post only in the appropriate section please , do not post in FAQ or in Beta news section.

Thanking you all in advance for your collaboration.

Have fun using Quick Media Converter.
Team Cocoon
thx for donating

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