What is Quick Media Converter ?

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What is Quick Media Converter ?

Postby Team Cocoon » 20 Jan 2008, 01:53

Quick Media Converter from cocoonsoftware.com is a freeware that will allow you to easily convert your videos to and from the most commonly used formats such as .

FLV (flash Video)
Mov (Quicktime)
Real Media
Msmpeg4 v2
Ipod- Ipod 5.5 G (Apple)
PSP PS3 (Sony)
3GP Nokia Neck Siemens Sony Ericsson
3G2 Sony Ericsson
Webcam Flux Capture and conversion
DV CAM Video Capture and conversion
Numerical Cameras ( Videos ) conversion
Telephone Vidéos Conversion
Capture Vidéos from your PC or USB key
MP3 Extraction from videos

The Quick Media Converter Freeware also allowws you if you are registered (free) to :

1)Participate to this forum

2)Have a free ( 2GB) space on our server to upload and share privately or publically your videos and pictures on cocoonvideos.com .

3) To convert on your pc in batch mode one or more videos simultaneousely .

4) To directly access your space from the freeware without having to open an internet browser.

5) A very easy simple mode for those not familiar with the complex video conversion world.

6) An expert user mode

7) Use of (Drag and Drop) allowed for the selection selection of the files to convert .
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