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Donations how and why ?

Posted: 02 Feb 2009, 16:00
by Team Cocoon
Thank you for visiting this section,

We are providing our users with a totally free application to which we have added a free support service .

The rising popularity of our sofware has a cost both in servers and investments such as software development tools .

For those of you who are satisfied with above and wish to participate in their own way to our project have the possibility to do so by sendind us a small greatly needed donation.

If you donate 10 Euros or more you can also send the link to your website and it will be displayed in our donation section . The link must not be to websites that are for adults only or any other type of websites that are not suitable for general audiances .

You can send directly from your paypal account to cocoonsoft (***) the parenthesis and *** represent the arrowbase sign
to prevent spamming of this address.

Thanking you in advance for your generosity ,