AVCHD => YouTube HD HQ: The Two Errors

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AVCHD => YouTube HD HQ: The Two Errors

Postby Skrzypiec » 04 Jan 2012, 17:10

Now I'm back on the other PC... Maybe at first I will explain what it is all about with those PCs: I have over 60 GB of clips to convert, so I use two PCs - one of them has a problem specified in Expert Mode forum, topic "AVCHD => YouTube HD HQ ?". Second one has a problem specified in general forum, topic "FFmpeg won't download ".

So it's my first used computer (the one from "AVCHD => YouTube HD HQ ?" thread):

Code: Select all

XP  Dodatek Service Pack 2,Home Edition   32 bits Execution
C:\QuickMediaConverter\QuickMediaConverter.exe  32 bits
FFmpeg version SVN-r22666   show available formats
C:\Documents and Settings\Waciciel\Dane aplikacji\Cocoon Software\QuickMediaConverter


and it has another problem. It converts those AVCHDs properly, until it hits an error while trying to convert certain files. It seems to be random. Just like DNA polymerase, commiting a mistake every several dozen units. The message says:

"Error [[][]]"
(Two pairs of brackets mean two squares. In such case I got additional familiar ms windows "Illegal operation" window - however, it does NOT crash the program, so I can hit "Cancel" and convert next files.)

"Error [Stream #0.1 ->#0.1press[q] tp stop encoding]"
(In this case, I don't press q, and following files are being converted until the next "illegal operation" error, when I have to hit "Cancel".)

A really big problem. I can't leave PC alone to convert stuff. I have to come back and hit cancel everytime it gets the error of first kind. Instead of saving time, this makes me lose it.

Please help if You can
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Re: AVCHD => YouTube HD HQ: The Two Errors

Postby Cocoon-Dev » 07 Jan 2012, 09:30


1.update your pc, you are in version service pack 2 : XP Dodatek Service Pack 2,Home Edition 32 bits Execution.
For a proper function of QMC, you must be in SP3 with Xp.

2. If you can't dowload FFmpeg, check your securities, now if you search on the forum, you can find different posts about this problem.

Have a nice day.
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