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Re: File conversion bitrate problem

Postby Cocoon-Dev » 19 Dec 2011, 06:55

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To decrease the file , you can adjust the bit rate on an lower value and play with the the argument -minrate and -maxrate in cmd line.

‘-maxrate bitrate’
Set max video bitrate (in bit/s). Requires -bufsize to be set.

‘-minrate bitrate’
Set min video bitrate (in bit/s). Most useful in setting up a CBR encode:

ffmpeg -i myfile.avi -b:v 4000k -minrate 4000k -maxrate 4000k -bufsize 1835k out.m2v

Ex: 4000k and in cmd line -minrate 4000k and -maxrate 4000k -bufsize 1835k

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