QMC 3.6.0 was released enjoy

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QMC 3.6.0 was released enjoy

Postby Team Cocoon » 23 Oct 2008, 15:37

New release of QMC v 3.6.0

You will have new features available and Several new languages Will be added thanks to the devotion of active users willing to share it with their fellow citizens.

finished are :

Brazilian Portuguese

Chinese was finished but we are facing some Unicode problems.
Macedonian ( will not be ready for this version unfortunately)

Quicl Media Converter 3.6.0 what is new ?

New PSP compatible format works with old and new firmware.
-h264 4:3 and 16:9 (new firmware)
-XVID 4:3 and 16:9 (Old firmware)
-Automatically imports in the PSP's memory card .

New Audio formats :

New Video Formats :
-DPG ( Nintendo DS) 4:3 /16:9
H264 Qt Redim
-Removed Divx 4 :3 ->16 :9
-Divx are formated to support Home DVD players edition 4 and Virtualdub

-removed Xvid 4 :3 ->16 :9
-Divx are formated to support Home DVD players edition 4
-WMV : Ms compatible format 4 :3 redimensionned to 320x240 to support almost all formats
-Errors corrected in encoding Xbox and Ps3 in HD

Several other code improvement were made such as better quality output for flv.

SWF Mkv and Zune conversions will now be supported in easy mode and expert mode.

Error codes will include more detailled information about the probable cause of conversion failure in order to improve and accelerate the support forum resolution process.

Exoert mode has been reviewed almost totally and now includes more possibilities .

Possbility to now Include Subitiles
You can now also write your copy right information in the videos you created.

Two pass process available,
Mulit Audio channel support for appropriate formats {from 1-6)
Audio Synchronisation

Ability to paste directly ffmpeg command lines or directly write them in the qpecified expert mode field.

We will make available on our site several default profiles to allow users to fine tune some of the most used settings. We encourage our users to share their profiles or command lines with others on our forum in the expert mode section.

You will be able to save your own settings and recover them when needed .
recording Volume in expert mode will now be adjustable
cropping padding and choosing colors for the padding option
Webcam is now deactivated by default as per some requests a sinlge button activation press is needed to activate the webcam flux .

More news when the application will be distributed on our main website.

We will create a section with profiles within the next few days to allow users to start using the expert mode with some major default settings.

You should be notified by your application as soon as our new version will be available.

Have a nice day...

Team Cocoon
thx for donating

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