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Postby scipizoa » 01 Jun 2009, 05:33

Ok well, i know your program has all the required tools and tabs and codecs to convert almost any file into something else for whatever we'll need it for, but I have a for easy mode[especially good for new camera owners] simply put, maybe include a special option that groups qmc's convertion options into commonly used situations]

example, a youtube tab will have options to convert video files for easy upload or best quality for youtube, i.e the video gets resized to 640x480 and [if qmc 9.8.0 comes out of beta] have an option under the youtube tab to copnvert into 720p HD, or a format acceptwed by youtube, or something that'll produce a smaller file size[ for faster uploading]

Like i said for most of us QMC users, we know where to find these options in qmc, but i had the people who are new to the video world, who just got that shiny new camera, and find out they need to convert their video into something that their favorite/preferred website
requires. possibly maybe expand upons qmc's user base

[sorry if this seemed confusing, i just didn't know how to word it an better then this]
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Re: from a newbie

Postby Team Cocoon » 01 Jun 2009, 22:51

Hello and thank you for your we apreciate the time you take to help us make QMC an even better application .

We have not yet looked at that aspect as as you probably know we are already working on numerous aspects for improvement.

What we could do is to place profiles for youtube HD as per you request . Also I will meet Gilles this wednesday and eventually discuss the possibility to upload profiles directly from the easy mode. What would you think of that ?

Anyway whern you download a movie from your camera to QMC you have an option at the end offering you to convert it and load it in the active worksheet.

So from there it is a piece of cake to just upload a profile ...

You know you can also offer your profiles for download on the forum and share with other users , we sometimes ad them to the profiles by default if they are good ..

Have a nice day and thanks for your participation.
Team Cocoon
thx for donating

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