Idea here and a complaint in one

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Idea here and a complaint in one

Postby OctEddie91 » 21 Feb 2009, 09:27

Normally I'm not the one to complain, and then again I am. But my complaint is simple.

I'm complaining because I can not find out the size in MB or KB for the File Converter and it makes things a little difficult on my end considering the fact some people have dial-up.

So here's my idea: "Put one or two lines on the page where you can download the file converter from that is somewhat a good size (such as putting it under the "Download" button in nice large and pretty leters). And let the line or few words simply state "File Size: X MB" or "Download Size: X MB" because not all download menus have the how much time is left for the download or how large it is."

Thank you, I hope you take this into consideration.
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Re: Idea here and a complaint in one

Postby Team Cocoon » 21 Feb 2009, 14:04

Hello and welcome,

Thank you for your post ,

You may or may not have noticed , we have immediately reacted and corrected this . The download buttonon our website now also indicates the size of the file :)

Thank you for making us notice .

Have a nice day.
Team Cocoon
thx for donating

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