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Postby Belz314 » 01 Jan 2009, 00:21

I saw your media converter the other day and thought I should check it out, so I downloaded it and tried it out and I thought it was brilliant.

However I have some so that it can become better for the future-
1. Since it is a media converter, I think it should be able to convert images as well for example .GIF to .PNG, .PNG to .ICO etc.

2. I think I found a bug, when you change your language to English and when you press the PSP button without the usb cable connected it says something in another language which is not english (I think it's french).

3. I think I found another bug, when you go to Expert mode and without adding any files onto the QMC and at the bottom where it says add, load and my settings when you press add a pop up menu comes up and then it blank with a button which just says ok. Also it is not clear what the add button, load button and my settings box is for?

4. On the toolbar buttons when you roll over it the images move slighlty and this makes it look very unproffesional (No offense).

5- It would be cool if when you minimize the QMC it goes into the tray place (Notification Icons place, where the Time/Date and Sound adjustment is)

6- I am quite good at graphics so I believe I would be able to help you with you Graphical User Interface (GUI), for example I could make the buttons, say where the buttons would look better etc.
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Postby Cocoon-Dev » 05 Jan 2009, 23:28

Thank for your post.

Some are good and we look with jean-louis a deal to work with you.

We come back later to discuss with because we have a big charge of work's at this time.

Have a nice day.
thx for donating
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Postby qmc3dus » 06 Jan 2009, 04:37

number 1:
A ...rose by any other name... QMC is a video converter with hints of audio extraction. You don't want QMC to become a bloated program do you ?

If you want to convert graphic files try this excellent( and free) graphic viewer and converter - xnview; if you want PNG, ICO, and _everything_ else:


It also plays video and audio files if your system has the needed codecs installed. It has plugin tech. You don't need anything else for graphic files.

QMC is very good at what it does, I think it- the cocoon team -should stick to their strength and keep making QMC the best( video converter).

number 5: don't like that at all.
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Postby BonesO1 » 20 Jan 2009, 04:13

Thanks for the use of this program. I installed a version just a few days ago and today I was alerted to the update. I took advantage of this update and saw some improvements had been made, thank you!
Question; although this is a free version, do I have to have such a HUGE logo embedded into the work I convert? Is this a means to purchase the program? When advertised as free; honesty is the best and most fruitful way to promote.
Thanks for any information on this. I just can't use the program as is. The logo takes 1/4 of the screen size.
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Postby BonesO1 » 20 Jan 2009, 05:37

Please accept my apologies as this logo problem was determined to be from the downloader from the web...
Again, I am sorry and I still love your product!!!
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Postby Team Cocoon » 20 Jan 2009, 15:37

Hello and welcome ,

We have no idea about what you are trying to say :)

However if the problem is not from our QMC we are relieved :D

Thanks for your post
Have a good day
Team Cocoon
thx for donating

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