How to batch remove the "_converted "text

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How to batch remove the "_converted "text

Postby Team Cocoon » 09 Aug 2010, 23:54

For those of you who must convert a series of files without changing the name or want to remove the
text placed at the end of converted files here is a little solution that may come in very handy.

I found this nice little freeware :
Batch File Rename utility

Here is the developpers website where you can get it :
Besides what is below you may find this application very usefull for other uses as well.

Here are the settings to use for this particular batch :

1)Select the directory where the files to rename are located :

2) Select the files to rename
To select all the files automatically go to the third icon from the right and select “automatic changed”
you can also do it manually if you want.

3)Click on the green icon with a star "new rule set"

select remove text

The new rule should appear in the bottom left window

4)Activate check boxes for the files you wish to rename

5)Activate the new rule

6)Then go to the right bottom window
Select in combo " applies to" :"file name"
then select
"Remove from end"
then select
"Length 10"

The application will also show you what the end result will look like in the column new name (upper part)

7)When satisfied with the result just click on rename upper right .

8 ) Do not forget to save your rule if you are satisfied with it .

Tip: Try a few files in a temp folder first before doing a big batch (just to make sure) .

After conversion and refresh ( resetting to 0) all the names were correctly changed in no time.

I hope this helps .
Team Cocoon
thx for donating

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