Full featured batch processing.

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Full featured batch processing.

Postby fwupow » 25 Oct 2009, 19:05

I have searched high and low for a video converter program that provides full featured batch processing.

By "Full-featured", I mean:

1. Automated 2-pass encoding with sound conversion and file writing turned off during 1st pass.
2. Option for independent encoding settings for each file in job batch.

QMC is the only program I've found that comes close, but it doesn't provide independent settings for each file in batch.
I would like to see future versions have that included.
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Re: Full featured batch processing.

Postby Team Cocoon » 28 Oct 2009, 01:29

Hello and welcome ,

JUst use expert mode and set your preferences then save you profile for future uses . You can then batch convert all your files if you wish .

For independant settings it would be much more complicated to program and far away of our philosophy of making it as simple as possible .

We hope this answers your question..

Have a good day
Team Cocoon
thx for donating

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