Q.M.C Error message

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Q.M.C Error message

Postby gjordan12198 » 22 Feb 2009, 01:28

Ok, I am new to this application. I've looked over the forums and couldn't find an answer to my problem. So here I go.
When I try to encode an .mpg file to .flv, I get an error message stating that "Resampling with input channels greater than 2 unsupported". This is irritating to me as I am trying to accomplish something and can't. Any solutions, ideas? Thanks
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Re: Q.M.C Error message

Postby Team Cocoon » 22 Feb 2009, 01:36

Hello and welcome ,

Could you please send us complete details of what you did and wanted to do ? expert mode , easy mode ? What version you are using ? etc ...

Please read this to find out how to ask properly for a question so we all save a lot of time ...

Thank you for your reply,

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