Converting to 16:9 Divx just stops

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Re: Converting to 16:9 Divx just stops

Postby TEOL85 » 16 Mar 2011, 10:57

It has been known to do that a few times to me in the past. Be sure you don't use VBR 2 pass encoding as I've noticed that currently it's only supported in MP4 which in itself is a good format as well as long as it's the PS3 HD version.

Also try finding a video codec that works well with the Divx and a sound one. Normally helps me out.

Also make sure it's not a MP2 MPEG or an MP2 inside of a vob you are trying to convert there is currently bugs that put scanlines on the screen if it's mp2 DVD MPEG format and that bug comes in both converting to MP2 and MP4 so it is more than likely there in Divx too.

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