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Audio Profile for a 6 channel audio in AC3


Profile with 6 audio channels (included subwoofer).


users_32x32.png(Strongly recommended)


 Video tutorial how to use profiles with Quick Media Converter HD  4XXX 

You may also make or modify and save your own profiles in QMC HD  4.x.x.x they are very usefull to help you start in expert mode as they fill the fields for you and allow you to use trial and error technique to get closer to your desired specifications. You are also able and encouraged to make your own files and share them with others and also with us,  we will be glad to welcome them in the appropriate section of our forum and if they are popular or very needed we will even include them in the default profiles that come in with your QMC install.

To install these Profiles in Quick Media Converter :
Unzip the files  first and get the *.xml file out on your desk .

Open Windows explorer and search for the QuickMediaConverter folder it is usually by default in ;
C:\Program Files\QuickMediaConverter\

Open the subdirectory "profile" copy and paste this *.xml file in it.

C:\Program Files\QuickMediaConverter\profile\*.xml